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Control SmartThings switches using voice commands and buttons on your watch.If you have any problems/ suggestions, please report them at the CleverObjects website.
New Features:- App is now working again, for real this time!- Some users are reporting having issues with the wear app synching properly. If this is the case for you, please report it here.
What does it do?CleverObjects lets you control your SmartThings switches and locks using voice command or buttons on your android wear watch.
ExamplesWant to turn off the lights before you go to bed? Start CleverObjects and say "Turn off bedroom light and turn off bathroom light"
Leaving for vacation and want to turn off everything? say "Turn off everything"
Don't want to look like Dick Tracy as you talk to your watch? You can also tap icons on the watch to toggle switches/locks.
Setup InstructionsAfter your download the app, open the CleverObjects phone app and log in with SmartThings. Next, select lights/ switches/ locks from the list shown, you can now open the android wear app and control these chosen switches via voice or tapping buttons.